February 24, 2024

The Power of Staying Informed: Why Industry Media Is Essential, Especially For Salespeople

In today's rapidly evolving world, staying informed has become more crucial than ever before. Whether you're a CEO, a VP of Marketing, or a Territory Manager it’s imperative to keep up with the latest trends and staying connected to industry-specific information is essential. Industry media, including podcasts, magazines, websites, web portals and forums, offer a wealth of knowledge and opportunities that can significantly impact your personal and professional growth. In this e-guide, we'll delve into why staying informed through these mediums is indispensable.  

Only 1 out of 75 salespeople and business executives are following industry news updates weekly and 2 out of 75 were subscribed to an eyecare magazine.  This is a statistic at a recent sales training event when I asked a group of 75 industry players what they were following and how often.  That shows a tremendous opportunity for companies to help their teams be more informed by teaching them to be an industry expert and stay current on the latest happenings in eyecare.  It’s easy and free!  

Stay tuned until the end of the guide where we will list the most important eyecare media resources you need to follow to stay up to date.

Here's why industry media is crucial for salespeople:

1. Product Knowledge
: Salespeople need to have an in-depth understanding of the products or services they are selling. Industry-specific websites, magazines, podcasts, web portals and forums often provide detailed insights into competitive products, latest trends, innovations, and industry news. Staying informed through these channels ensures that salespeople can effectively communicate the value of their offerings to potential clients.  It often gives salespeople industry dialogue that is up to date and informative.  

2. Competitive Advantage: Knowing your competition is key to success in sales. Industry media often contains information about competing products or services, pricing strategies, and market share. This knowledge allows salespeople to position their offerings more effectively and highlight the unique advantages they bring to the table.

3. Understanding Customer Needs: Effective salespeople understand their customers' pain points, challenges, and goals. Industry media can provide valuable insights into industry trends, emerging customer needs, and evolving market demands. By staying informed, salespeople can tailor their pitches to address these specific concerns and offer solutions that resonate with potential clients.

4. Building Credibility: In the world of sales, credibility is essential. When salespeople are well-informed about their industry and can speak intelligently about trends and developments, they gain the trust of their clients. Industry-specific podcasts and magazines can help salespeople stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and research, enhancing their credibility in the eyes of potential customers.  Customers love it when sales people teach them something they didn’t know.  Be a resource.

5. Networking Opportunities: Sales often involves building and maintaining relationships. Industry forums and online communities provide a platform for salespeople to connect with industry professionals, potential clients, and partners. Networking through these channels can lead to valuable business connections and collaboration opportunities.

6. Handling Objections: In sales, objections are common. Clients may raise concerns about cost, features, or competitors. Salespeople who are well-informed through industry media are better equipped to handle objections effectively. They can provide data, case studies, and real-world examples to address client concerns and make a compelling case for their offerings. The more you know the better you can compete.

7. Industry Regulations and Compliance: Depending on the industry, salespeople may need to be well-versed in industry regulations and compliance standards. Industry media often covers regulatory changes and updates. Staying informed in this regard is crucial to ensure that sales practices align with legal requirements and industry standards.

8. Market Dynamics: Markets are constantly changing, and sales strategies that worked yesterday may not be effective tomorrow. Industry media provides insights into market dynamics, consumer behavior, and economic trends. Salespeople who are aware of these shifts can adapt their strategies accordingly and stay ahead of the curve.

9. Continuous Learning: Sales is a profession that requires continuous learning and improvement. Industry-specific podcasts, webinars, and courses can offer valuable sales training and techniques. Salespeople can learn from experts in their field and stay updated on the latest sales methodologies.

10. Personal Growth: Staying informed through industry media can also contribute to personal growth and development. Salespeople can gain a broader perspective on their industry, acquire new skills, and stay motivated by engaging with industry thought leaders and success stories.
In conclusion, for salespeople, staying informed through industry media is not just a way to gain knowledge; it's a strategic advantage. It equips them with the insights, knowledge, and resources needed to excel in a competitive field. By leveraging podcasts, magazines, websites, and forums,

US & CA Eyecare & Optometry Media Resources 

Industry Magazines

“Sponsor” INVISION Magazine https://invisionmag.com/

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Vision Monday

Optometric Management

Review of Optometry

Eyecare Business 

Optometry Times

20 20 Magazine

Contact Lens Spectrum

Ophthalmic Professional


Review of Optometric Business

Aperture Magazine

Canadian Journal of Optometry

AOA Focus

Eye Digest


Web Portals

Optical Journal

Eyewire News

Eyecare News – Science Daily

AOA News

Women in Optometry

Eyes on Eyecare

Modern Optometry

Helio/ Optometry



Defocus Media

Try Not To Blink


The 20/20 Podcast

Corporate Optometry Podcast


WO Voices Podcast

OWA Podcast

New York Eye Doc Podcast

The MOD Pod


Optical Journal

Nerdy Optometrist

20/20 Money

Jazzy Eyes Podcast

Eyecode Media

Four Eyes

Optometry Talks

The Myopia Podcast

Eyes Wide Open 




Optometry Forums

OD Wire





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